Table of contents

Instructions for deliverable editors

TITLES and Labels

Don't forget to replace what's in between *** by the corresponding value. The identifier of the deliverable must also be included in the title, for instance:

  \chapter{D3.1b: Second report on formal models for transactions over structured overlay networks}


For adding new citations, update the file selfman/utils/selfmanrefs.bib Don't forget to commit your changes to the repository. The recommended procedure is the following

  svn update
  <modify the selfmanrefs.bib file adding your bibtex ref>
  svn commit

This does not prevent conflicts, but it helps to avoid them


If you want to add appendixes in pdf format:

  • include your pdf file into the directory "papers".
  • copy the following lines
  \section{Your section name here}
  \label{Your label here}
  • replace:
    • Section name
    • Label name (hopefully in the form 'app:yourappendix')
    • pdf filename (without .pdf)

You must have 'pdfpages' installed in your machine


When you add figures to your deliverable, it is necessary to add the path to the figure comming back to the root of the repository. Like that, the figure will be included in your deliverable AND the final book without problems.

Let us assume you created a directory 'figures' in your deliverable d3.1b, in work package 3. To add your figure you will do it as follows:


TESTING YOUR DOCUMENT (for unix users)

Just run make and verify single_main.pdf If you want to modify the Makefile, copy it to your directory and make your changes, BUT, do not modify selfman/utils/Makefile

IMPORTANT: All references to citations should work well, BUT, you will only see ?? for the references to other deliverables. This is normal because you are not including that file in your compilation. The editor of the book is responsible for verifying this, and if there is a problem, he will contact you to fix it.


The make files and symbolic links are very useful for unix users, but it won't make much sense for Windoze users. If you are compiling your latex files on Windoze, copy the file selfman/utils/single_main.tex to this directory, and use that one for compiling your deliverable. Please, do not add commands such as \begin{document} or \documentclass to do_not_rename_this_file.tex